Kids in Murphy Have Big Hearts

Coins for Kids

Students at Martha Hunt Elementary in Murphy, TX opened their hearts and filled canisters full of coins for Coins for Kids with Cancer program, benefiting TeamConnor Childhood Cancer Foundation. Recently, the kids at Hunt Elementary raised $2,731 over a two-week period. Every grade got involved, gathering as many coins as they could from their piggy banks, parents and friends for this campaign. Knowing that each coin goes towards funding research towards finding a cure for childhood cancer made them work very hard at having a successful campaign.

In the last two months, Coins for Kids with Cancer has received close to $5,000 in donations from children concerned about their peers that have cancer. TeamConnor Childhood Cancer Foundation thanks all of these students, teachers and parents who have contributed to this program for opening their hearts and making our heart very grateful. Together we can make big change in finding a cure for pediatric cancer.