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How to Start A Coin Drive

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  1. Start Your Campaign Here.
  2. Get the word out
  3. Gather donations

Contact family, friends and business associates to participate in hosting a coin drive with you or donating to your campaign.  Spread the word through discussions, emails, fliers, and social media.  Use the provided materials for your campaign.

Campaign Materials Toolkit

Remember to thank everyone for participating and donating towards pediatric cancer research.

(If you would like to host a campaign that is not online, please contact  We will set you up with everything you need.)

Start A Conversation

Start a Conversation

Coins for Kids with Cancer program is a great opportunity to start a conversation with children about caring for others, having empathy, and understanding childhood cancer.

  • There are many resources on the web as to how to talk to kids about caring for others.  Below is a link to one of the resources we found helpful.  But in the end, it is about talking to the kids about spending time imagining how the other kids or adults in difficult situations feel – a moment in their shoes.  For more, click here.
  • Talk to your kids about other children with cancer.  Reassure them that it isn’t contagious; doctors don’t know what the causes of childhood cancer; and that there is no reason to be afraid of other kids that have cancer.  These kids are just like normal kids – love to play; love to learn; and can act silly.
  • People may ask why there isn’t a cure.  Reassure them that many research programs across the country are working every day to find a cure.  Let them know that funding is needed for those programs and that is why organizations like TeamConnor are so important.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Anyone can get involved and make a difference.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Run a Coins for Kids with Cancer Campaign.
  • Sign up to be a volunteer with TeamConnor Childhood Cancer Foundation.  We are always looking for help with our events!
  • Connect with TeamConnor via social media.  Repost or retweet TeamConnor posts to spread awareness about pediatric cancer and introduce your followers to TeamConnor.

Making Big Change in Childhood Cancer