Coins For Kids

How to Start a Coin Drive! Start a campaign at your school!

Big Return

Teachers, running a Coins for Kids with Cancer program at your school is easy!

Discuss the possibility of running a campaign with your administrators, the school counselor, or whomever is in charge of getting the school involved in community activities.

Once you are given the OK: Start Your Campaign Here, contact Coins for Kids to receive a packet of materials, or print them yourself here..

Campaign Materials Toolkit

Your school can run a campaign for one week, two weeks or a month, in whichever month is best for your school schedule.  If you have an active student council, get them involved to spread the word and create the coin receptacles.  The more creative the better! Have a student leader talk to the assembly about the importance of getting rid of childhood cancer.

Incorporate Giving into Your Lesson Plans

Incorporate Giving

When a school hosts a Coins for Kids with Cancer program, it may help drive home the importance of helping others if a lesson coincides with the program.  This will help your students learn on a deeper level.  Here are some suggestions on how to work in empathy, compassion, and caring for the community into your curriculum:

  • In Science class: teach the science behind childhood cancer.
  • In History class: during history lessons about Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, or Mother Teresa.
  • In vocabulary lessons: teach the meaning of philanthropist.
  • Visit Learning to Give for lesson plans specific to philanthropy; service lessons; global citizenship and community and responsible citizenship, specific to the grade you teach.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Anyone can get involved and make a difference.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Run a Coins for Kids with Cancer Campaign.
  • Sign up to be a volunteer with TeamConnor Childhood Cancer Foundation.  We are always looking for help with our events!
  • Connect with TeamConnor via social media.  Repost or retweet TeamConnor posts to spread awareness about pediatric cancer and introduce your followers to TeamConnor.
  • Spread the word to other teachers in your school district about Coins for Kids with Cancer and TeamConnor.

Making Big Change in Childhood Cancer